Masahiquo, 'Nara-ya/奈良屋' MORRY

Freelance, co-worker, lives in Kako District, Hyōgo, Japan.
I'm an IT土方・電算職(自称), NOT ENGINEER, and not sure if I'm a programmer or not?

BTW, in the summer of 2022, I had an artificial femoral head, 人工骨頭, made by Stryker, inserted into my left thigh, 左大腿部.
Regarding this operation, I go to rehabilitation twice a week, but I am secretly happy that I have become a 義体化, cyborg.

unlimited text works, the 4th. / 個人的な駄文置き場、随時更新中?

Currently, I am interested in:

As of November 2023


11ty/Eleventy is a simpler static site generator.

Basically, it is published on Netlify via GitHub, some of them have their own subdomain name assigned.
And content management is done with 11ty/Eleventy, other CSS, JavaScript and image builds are done with Gulp.js, and these are controlled with npm run scripts.


Here, new version of this web site

@dollplayer2501's portal and portfolio site, build with 11ty/Eleventy and Gulp.
I don't use a site template, I mainly use Pico.css ver. 1.5.x and the following, and I am compiling Sass/SCSS via npm packages.
There is a lot of room for improvement, but I need to hurry and plan to improve it gradually.
Site URL or
Current status
Under development
GitHub repository


Old version of this web site

@dollplayer2501's portal site, build with 11ty/Eleventy, Gulp and Eventually of HTML5 UP!'s template and color scheme is WordPress theme's Hexa.
Site URL
Current status
Development completed
GitHub repository


Something like a "blog" but not a "blog"...ブログみたいだがブログではない何か

@dollplayer2501's junk document storage, 駄文置き場, build with 11ty/Eleventy, Gulp and Solid State of HTML5 UP!'s template and color scheme is WordPress theme's Hexa.
I want to manage the content in chapters rather than in chronological order, I have implemented it independently without using the 11ty/Eleventy functions.
Site URL a.k.a "unlimited text works, the 4th.".
Current status
Under development but stalled
GitHub repository


This is a test bench for me to see the features of Eleventy.
Build with 11ty/Eleventy and Pico.css's Basic template.
Site URL
Current status
Development scheduled to end
GitHub repository


Conky is a system monitor for X.

I started using Linux...EndeavourOS around the fall of 2022.
The main use is programming, which was previously done on macOS. Together with Qtile, a tiling window manager, I am satisfied with the usability.
When using a new OS, I wanted to monitor the status of my PC, so I installed Conky.


Perhaps no one has created an angular Conky theme?

Large conky theme assuming the use of transparent windows.
I packed in as many functions as I could think of.
In the future, I plan to create something simpler based on this?
Current status
Under development or completed, I only have plans to remake this and make it simpler.
GitHub repository


I like Raleway font!

Because I like the baseline deviation of the numbers.
ex. 0123456789.
I wanted to feature this font with Conky theme.
This is the first theme I created when I started using Conky.
Unlike 'angle_minus_five_degrees' mentioned above, this one is implemented without using Lua/Cairo.
Since it uses the Raleway font, which is a proportional font, I don't think it's suitable for real-time status display, but I wanted to use this font, so I created this theme.
There are no plans to modify this theme in the future.
Current status
Development completed
GitHub repository


Qtile is a full-featured, hackable tiling window manager written and configured in Python.

I think tiling window manager is better than being displayed in a tile format and is great at working with virtual desktop.
After using i3 and Sway, I am currently using Qtile and Qtile Extras, but I would also like to try Hyprland.
As a side effect of trying Qtile, I was able to customize it using Python, which I had never touched before, so I learned a lot.


It is not currently available for publication.

I'm currently customizing various applications based on Nord theme's color scheme.
It is planned to include customization of the following applications. (including using themes already created by someone)

  • Alacritty
  • Conky, in my created theme
  • dir_colors
  • Dunst
  • lsd
  • Neofetch
  • Picom
  • Qtile
  • Ranger
  • Rofi
  • Starship
Current status
Currently under development
GitHub repository